Human Reliability

RMG pioneered the concept that sustainable, low cost reliability is a function of Human Reliability. Human Reliability is the ability of an organization to effectively utilize the preferred work processes, tools, technology, and equipment that have been provided to their fullest capabilities in order to deliver safe, lowest cost reliability. Human Reliability is about "People making and keeping commitments."
  • The Four C's of Change
     Developing a clear path forward, agreeing that this path will lead to success, the willingness to stay the course, the skill to communicate how, when, and why change is going to occur and the ability to gain input, ownership and buy-in.
  • 1. Clarity                 2. Consensus
  • 3. Commitment    4. Communication


The RMG Difference

Reliability Management Group (RMG) separates itself from other consultancies in our proven ability to consistently deliver results to our clients. These results are not only sustainable, but with the work process tools and culture change management skills we leave behind, our clients can continue to make improvements long after we're gone. Our ability to assist our clients in capturing these changes in culture and performance are a result of a number of factors that are unique to RMG.

  • First and foremost, RMG brings world class, seasoned professionals to assist you in your improvement effort. RMG believes that the "Root Cause of Reliability is Human Reliability" (see below, left). Our peoples' experience and expertise has been built over years of effort. RMG's unique philosophy ensures that there is very low turnover in our consulting ranks. To our clients this means that you are getting people leading the effort who have done this before and are not being trained on your dime. "we`ve been there and done that."

  • "Boots on the Ground" Implementation. The results you seek to achieve are only captured when work processes, measurement, and work culture change. This requires assistance at the point of change. RMG's people spend up to 80% of their time at the point of change, coaching, advising, gaining understanding/buy-in and facilitating the improvement effort. RMG's customized Field Coaching Matrices © and Field Coaching aligns behavior with processes and business objectives. It is not a casual activity, but a well structured action that ensures immediate and sustainable change and therefore results.

  • RMG's Masters of Implementation © Methodology is a proven path to success that has been tested and refined for over 25 years. RMG continues to aggressively seek out and incorporate World Class methods, as any good learning organization should.

  • RMG offers a flexible and craftable methodology that is customized to fit your specific need. It is your process improvement change, not RMG's.

  • RMG's Chain of Success © Methodology ensures that meaningful and sustainable results are clarified and understood by all stakeholders in your organization.

  • The difference RMG brings to the table translates into the following benefits to our clients:


    Immediate Benefits

    - Acceleration in capturing results.

    - A sustainable, Return on Investment (ROI), that is typically from 4 to 1 and upwards.

    - An Improved Work Culture with a better understanding of and acceptance of the work process.

    - Improved communication, cooperation and commitment.

    Future Benefits

    - The ability to address other or new initiatives with one issue addressed and improving.

    - The ability to apply lessons learned and skills/tools gained through this effort on other and new initiatives.

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