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Masters of Implementation ©

RMG's Masters of Implementation © methodology has been successfully applied to the entire list of service offerings highlighted below.  Our 25+ years of implementation experience and our employees' diverse subject matter expertise enable us to support a wide range of client initiatives.

Service Offerings

Our Approach

RMG’s expertise and experience allows us to provide a complete work management process analysis and implementation for our entire range of Service Offerings (like Operations) and Point Solutions (like Planner training). The Masters of Implementation © Methodology is craftable and flexible to meet your specific needs. There's no need to abandon the progress you’ve already made; RMG’s expertise and resources can help you build on what is already working.


  • RMG emphasizes a focused approach towards Successful Implementation. This includes:
  • - Confirming and Training to a Standardized Work Management Process.
  • - Coaching People in Cultural and Behavioral changes that need to occur at all levels in the organization to build and sustain success.
  • - Developing an approach that fully integrates Tools, Systems and People into the Work Management Process.
  • - Discussing, confirming and delivering a Chain of Success © (Example - Operations) for the desired improvement that clearly shows the measurable path to  bottom-line results.
  • The Masters of Implementation © Methodology, outlined below, provides a brief overview of our craftable and flexible implementation approach. RMG's implementation process may be incorporated into your improvement strategy in whole or in part based upon where you are currently in your journey to world class performance.


The RMG Difference


What separates RMG from other consulting companies?  RMG is dedicated to successful, sustainable implementations.  We do not wish to simply provide you with more work to pile on top of your existing workload, but to work with you, side-by-side to successfully eliminate your current obstacles to improvement and help you capture your objectives.

Gap Analysis/Assessment

  • RMG uses its proprietary tools to assist you in identifying the gaps in your existing work process.  The tools can either be a quick analysis or a detailed study.  Examples of each are shown in the links below.
  • RMG Wheel - Based on Deming's: Plan-Do-Check-Action quality philosophy. (Example - Turnarounds)
  • Reliability Management Grid - Detailed, holistic tool incorporating many work management elements.

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Management/Executive Expectations

This element of the implementation process is used to secure management and/or executive commitment prior to proceeding with field work. It is important that leadership agrees on the priorities, scope, minimum process requirements and a Chain of Success © for the improvement effort.

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Implementation Planning

It is imperative that a plan is developed prior to the start of field implementation. You need to spend time planning an initiative that touches many departments and whose success is determined by sustainability and bottom-line savings. Someone once said “The Devil is in the Details.” The Implementation Planning Session develops the details to define the specific "How" and "Who" elements of the implementation process. The planning session also identifies the barriers to successful field implementation and works to mitigate the effects of those obstacles.

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Implementation is the hard part. Implementation is where the rubber meets the proverbial road. RMG’s “boots on the ground” implementation philosophy recognizes and understands that the projected bottom line results are only captured if the people on the floor make it happen. RMG’s people have the knowledge, skills and expertise in subject and change management to quickly establish the credibility that permits us to gain buy-in by clarifying why the process change is beneficial to the individual, their peers and the  company as a whole. Understanding “why” and field coaching compliance to the revised process is what leads to success. RMG’s customized Field Coaching Matrices © (Example – Maintenance Planner) provide a detailed visual progress report and is but one tool in RMG’s implementation arsenal.

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Our Point Solution Approach

  • Not all improvement efforts require a comprehensive solution. RMG offers formal training and point solutions on a broad range of subjects and activities. Samplings of these include the following:

    - Time On Tools Analysis
    - Planner Training
    - RCM Training
    - Six Sigma Training
    - Planning and Scheduling Simulation

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